Inma Ortiz

Singer & Actress

Inma is a singer with extreme sensitivity, a wide register and versatility, very familiar with every type of musical style. Her long running and varied career has seen a number of amazing top international musicians such as: Armando Manzanero, Moncho, Jennifer López, Alejandro Safina, Tito Valdés, Francesc Burrull and Pep Sala.

She has worked with all types of ensembles: rock, blues, jazz, swing, Cuban, salsa, fados, ethnic music and she is currently collaborating with different television programs on channels such as TV3 or Tele5 (Crónicas Marcianas), and acting live for the Spanish show La noche Abierta de Pedro Ruíz. As an actress she has done a number of television spots and trained in some of the best acting schools in Barcelona, including Nancy Tuñón, Cocó Comín (dance, jazz, theater and claqué).

Currently she is working on her next album alongside guitarist Jordi Bonell, after a long period of experimenting with ethnic music.


Promotion and presentation of the album "Salto al vacio" at Sala "Luz de Gas" in Barcelona. She continues to compliment her singing with voice over courses at ECAD (Barcelona), which give way to numerous jobs as a voiceover artist and jingle maven on Spanish television.


She combines touring with “Kejaleo” with the staging, planning and execution of her first solo album “Salto al Vacío”.

Singer for "Confederaçao Brasileña de Futebol Museu.”


Commercial as leading actress for "Leche Desnatada Pascual", actress, singe and jingle, as well as on and off voiceovers.

Collaboration in the film “Marsella” by Belén Macias.

Incorporation in the flamenco-jazz fusion group “Kejaleo” which allows her to travel around different jazz festivals around Asia, Russia, South America, France and Germany.

Voiceover work.


Collaboration on the soundtrack for the series ¨IMPERIUM¨ Xavier Capellas

Voiceovers for television such as AXE, and corporate campaign videos for Intermon OXFAM.


Currently preparing her new album with Juanlu "El Canijo" ("Calima" and "Ojos de Brujo").

Finalist in the 4th Edition of the "Terra i Cultura" contest, with the "Miquel Martí i Pol" award and organized and directed by Lluís Llach.

Production by "Músicas del Mundo" from the "Samadhi" duo with Pedro Collares.

Participation in the videoclip filming of "Tres sabores", with the participation in their new album.

Filming of the "Moisés" videoclip from Inma Ortiz’s album.Recording of the new jingle for Fontaneda.


Tour with Circ Global amb Pep Sala.

Participation as chorus backup for Steve Hogarth (Marillion) at a benefit concert (Luz de Gas, Barcelona).

Concerts with the musical group Azahar, composed by Juanlu "El Canijo" (Ojos de Brujo, Calima).

Intregration in the project Nuevo Shirai (cuencos de cuarzo), directed by Guillermo Cides and produced by Carlos Laza.

Advertising voiceovers at television for Locuciones publicitarias tv for Maxibon (Nestlé), AXE and more.

Participation as an actress during the filming of "Griego de Danone".


Voice and interpretation on the album with songs based on Susana March’s poems from "Esta Inmensa Ternura".

Experimentation with mantras and ethnic music.

Collaboration with the musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer Prem Joshua.

Live acting (voz, hang, tambura, monocordio), along with musician Pedro Collares with the "Samadhi" project.

Chorus for television alongside musician and singer Carles Torregrossa.Voiceover work for Editorial Casals.


Collaboration on the soundtrack for the film "El patio de mi cárcel" from Belén Macías. With regular advertising, covers and participation gigs on albums and varios versions of top hits. Barcelona (Shandy, Cruz Campo, La Lechera, Halloween de Port Aventura campaign (a capella for television: La copla, Miedo), Whirpool, Barcelona Activa, interiores, reagal…)

Album collaboration with artists such as OT, realization of the Nine Boleros Chill album with producer Àlex Soler.

Live performances (voz and hang), alongside musician Leo Trincabelli with the "Elohim" project.


Realization and co-production alongside musician and composer, Marcelo Frajmowicz from the album "Mantras Chill Out: El perdón, un acto de poder".

Earlier work

Jazz duet, Inma Ortiz & Francesc Burrull

Female group, Luz de Gas, Barcelona

Talking Rabbits, Luz de Gas, Barcelona

Collaboration with Pedro Ruíz’s program, singing with artists such as: Carmen Sevilla, Fran Rivera, José Coronado, Paulina Rubio, Josema Yuste and more.

Actress on the "Café Tirma" (Canarias) television ad.

Co-protagonist in the Aerored advertisement.

Orquesta Cristian y Domenech, directed by Alfredo Domenech.

Pilot program for TVE directed by Àngel Casas and Ángel Paulowsky, chorus on the Orquesta de señoritas, collaborating with artists such as Nacha Guevara and Miguel Bosé.

Actress and singer on the musical show and anti-orchestrea Huapacha Combo (1999).

Participation as a singer and actress on the amateur musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” in the role of Maria Magdalena (1998).

Recording of the album, Dando Vueltas with Orquesta de salsa Çanaima, which she was part of until 1994, working with international artists such as Armando Manzanero, Moncho, Lucrecia, Diango, NG la banda, entre otros.

Touring as a singer and dancer with “Orquesta Santane” (1989).

Author, director, staging and protagonist of “Cruel y Ani, Salón de la Infancia y Juventud¨play (Barcelona, 1984).

Other works

Inma specializes in interpretations and singing in every language.

In addition to the above projects, further explores the music of music. A fusion of cultures, sounds and instruments in the world. All it related to spirituality and music for the heart.